PereGuard Kayak Keel Guard 2" Width

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Just purchased a brand new kayak? Protect it with PereGuard. PereGuard is a easy to use protective guard that can be applied to your kayak in any location that will receive extra wear and tear. This strip is designed for outdoor use and will stand up to the most rigorous of abuse. The strip is easy to apply, and with a little heat can wrap around corners and edges. With heat the strip is also easy to remove. Sticks to fiberglass, thermoformed, ABS, and polyethylene (roto) kayaks. It is great for keel protection on kayaks, canoes, or the rails on SUP boards. Note that this product protects against accidental contact with rough surfaces. It will not allow you to drag it along the cement (we have had customers try that). Happy Paddling! Enjoy the water

  • INCLUDED: Roll of PereGuard, Final Prep Wipes to ensure the surface is clean and promote strong adhesion, and detailed Instructions
  • COLOR: Pick your color, and guard width is 2"
  • APPLICATION: PereGuard is simple to apply. Just peel off the backing paper and apply the guard. The guard comes with a layer of marine grade adhesive that is pre-applied. Clean the surface, peel off the backing paper off the Guard and then apply the Guard. PereGuard works on thermoformed boats, fiberglass, rotomold plastic, aluminum, and many other materials.
  • DESIGN: PereGuard is made from durable PVC and has a smooth surface to reduce friction in the water. The adhesive is industry strength and works well in all environments. The guard is thin to prevent drag, and the edges are tapered to seal with the boat and keep dirt and grime away from the adhesive layer.
  • USES: Ideal for kayaks, canoes, SUP boards, catamarans, and many other applications