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Introducing PereGUARD HULL-REPAIR.  This product should be in every kayak/canoe/boat in the event of an un-planned hull breach.  While we never intend it, we all from time to time accidentally drop our kayak, drag it where we shouldn't, or hit that occasional rock on the river trip.  Small cracks and holes can quickly bring a fun paddling trip to an abrupt halt.  PereGUARD HULL-REPAIR is a super strong black tape made of flexible yet strong PVC material that can quickly be applied to any crack or hole.  In fact, it can even be applied under water!  HULL-REPAIR is thick enough to seal any hole yet thin enough to be flexible to wrap around any shape.  A pre-applied marine grade rubber adhesive is already applied so this is just peel and stick.  

- PereGUARD HULL-REPAIR is a super strong leakage repair tape that is 100% waterproof and can be used for repairing any leak on any material.

- Thick enough to stop any leak yet still flexible enough to conform to any shape.

- Repairs large holes, cracks, gaps, etc.

- Glue adheres to all materials, even when it is under the water!

- Color Black

- Width:  4 Inches 

- Length:  5 Feet long