PereGlass tempered glass screen protector 2 pack. For iphone 14, iphone 13, and iphone 13 pro models.

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  • IPHONE MODELS: This version of PereGlass is only compatible with iphone 14 / iphone 13 / iphone 13 pro 6.1” models. This will NOT work on any other iphone!
  • DIRECTION ON USE:  PereGlass is a tempered glass screen protector.  Installation is super easy in only a few steps.  Included in your purchase is a two part application process.  A wet cleaning cloth is used to clean your screen followed up by a dry cloth to remove any remaining dust particles.  After this a protective backing is removed from the tempered glass and the glass is applied.
  • SCREEN PROPERTIES: PereGlass lets 99.9% of all visible light through while ensuring there is no disturbance with finger touch or use of the phone.  PereGlass is specifically designed to ensure a super clean unobstructed use of your iphone while also providing the utmost of protection.
  • PEREGLASS USAGE: PereGlass does not interfere with ihpone protective cases.  If applied correctly, there will be no bubbles and the screen will be crystal clear.  The glass will not interfere with the case.  
  • ATTRIBUTES: PereGlass has a 9H hardness rating, has perfect adhesion, is anti-fingerprint and shatterproof, is optically clear, contains an oleophobic coating to repel oils, bubble free installation, and has round beveled edges.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: Two PereGlass tempered screen protectors.  Two wet application wipes for screen cleaning.  Two dry application wipes for final screen prep. 


PereGlass tempered glass screen protectors provide the utmost in protection for your iphone without interfering with use or function.  PereGlass comes in many different sizes for every iphone14 out there.  Protect your smart phone investment with PereGlass today.