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Like the beautiful state of Michigan, these sunglasses remind us of our lovely home.  Ideal for a variety of days and weather, these sunglasses are work great both on a full sun day on the lake as they do in the car on a cloudy day to block glare.  With a secure and snug fit, Michigan's get the job done regardless of which four seasons comes your way.
  • TAC POLARIZED LENSES – One of the key attributes for a pair of sport sunglasses, our fully polarized lens provides for excellent clarity, all while reducing sun glare.  While most glasses only offer UV-A and UV-B protection, we go the extra mile by also polarizing our lenses. Polarization helps reduce strain on the eyes, increases visual comfort and more importantly, dramatically increases visual clarity by reducing glare. In addition to all this, you can experience the world in brilliant colors with more contrast than ever before!
  • UV PROTECTION – Block the sun’s harmful UV rays and focus on your activity. All of our sunglasses come with a built in UV400 filter, which offers effective protection from UVA & UVB rays.  Our sunglasses block all three ranges of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. This protects the human eye 100% from the harmful effects of sun rays. This is achieved by our multi-layer lens design for optimal eye protection.
  • DURABLE POLYCARBONATE FRAME COMFORT – Live your active lifestyle with our unique comfort frame! Our Michigan sunglasses utilize a strong and comfortable lightweight frame which helps to protect your eyes from wind & dust.
  • WORRY FREE PURCHASE – Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? We will offer you a full refund, as keeping our customers completely satisfied is our major priority.
  • LENS OPTIONS - There are three options of lenses to choose from.  Sky Blue, Black, and Sunburst.
  • NOSE PAD - Often overlooked, a well-functioning and comfortable nose pad is one of the more critical parameters with a good pair of sunglasses.  All PereSHADES come with our "SoftPad" rubber nose pads.  Our SoftPads provide long lasting comfort along with an excellent and snug fit. 
  • PereSHADES PROTECTION PLAN - Included with every purchase of PereSHADES is our protection plan.  We realize sometimes life throws a curve ball and shades get lost.  For 24 months after your initial purchase if you lose or damage your shades we will replace them on us.  We only ask that you pay a shipping and handling fee of $14.99.  


Turquoise Lens Ideal for moderate sun, these lenses accentuate the brightness of the day.  Wearing these shades all the bright colors become more vivid.
Sunburst Lens Ideal for moderate sun, our sunburst lens targets the blues in the spectrum.  Wear these lenses to make the water and sky pop with deep blue colors.
Black Lens For those full sun days!  Blocks the most light while maintaining color contrast.