PereSHIELD Bicycle Frame Guard

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  • THE BASICS: PereShield Bike is a clear polyurethane shield that provides scratch and impact resistance against stone chips, contact with metal, etc.
  • SIZE: PereShield Bike is 0.18mm thick. Package includes 1 roll of 4x120cm, 1 roll of 6x120cm, 1 roll of 10x120cm, and 1 sheet of random shapes for small areas, sheet is 10x23cm
  • MATERIAL: The protective shield is made of crystal clear polyurethane with a pre applied marine grade adhesive on the back. The material will not fade or yellow over time, and the adhesive will not remain on the surface of the frame after being removed.
  • FEATURES: Impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and UV protection
  • IDEAL USES: Ideal for Bicycle frame [top tubes, down tubes]
  • COMPATIABILITY: PereShield works on all fiberglass, plastic, and metal materials.
  • APPLICATION: First the area of application needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Included with PereShield is final prep/application wipes. Once the surface is dry PereShield can be applied. Any bubbles which develop can be removed by squeegeed outwards towards the edge. Heat is not required for application.